What Is Coolsculpting?

People are always looking for a way to lose fat.  Gym memberships, fad diets and surgeries are all ways people try to get rid of the unwanted fat.  Now there is another procedure called coolsculpting that helps people feel better about their body image.

What is it?

Coolsculpting is not a surgery.  Instead it uses controlled cooling to eliminate unwanted body fat by targeting the fat cells underneath the skin.  It is designed to be used by people who can't get rid of fat even with diet and exercise.

Will I lose weight?

The point of the CoolSculpture Procedure is to eliminate fat cells.  Our fat cells becomes smaller when we lose weight and larger when we gain it.  Since coolsculpting eliminates fat cells that means they are gone for good.  Having them disappear does not necessarily mean you will lose weight but it does mean that you will look better and your clothes will fit better.

Am I a good candidate?

This is not a procedure for people who are obese and are looking to lose a lot of weight.  Good candidates are those who eat right and regularly exercise, yet still have noticeable bulges in certain areas.  Centers that offer coolsculpting will have you take an assesment to see if you are a good candidate.  

How long does it take?

That depends on how many areas of your body you are working on in each session.  The physician will help you create an individualized plan that will detail how long and how many sessions you need.  However, during each session many people read or take a nap.

What are the side effects?

Pinching, numbness and discomfort are all possible side effects during the treatment.  Numbness, redness, bruising and tingling are all potential side effects after the procedure.  However, the FDA has approved coolsculpting for certain areas of the body.

How long for results?

Fat cells may continue to be flushed out for up to six months but the most dramatic results will take place in the first two months.  Most people started to see results after three weeks.

How long is the recovery?

Since it is not a surgery most people return to work after the procedure.  

Coolsculpting is a great procedure for those who have struggled with losing the fat in certain areas of their body after diet and exercise.  Specific target areas the CoolSculpture Procedure can help include love handles, the abdomen and thighs.

For more information, check out companies such as Forever Young Laser & Skincare Clinic.