What To Expect When You Go In For A Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Shaving on a regular basis is time consuming, and it can dry out your skin, leave unsightly bumps and the hair will grow back quickly. Waxing is a very uncomfortable experience that leaves your skin irritated, inflamed and blotchy with red patches. Laser hair removal offers you a longer lasting way to remove your hair without leaving your skin visibly damaged. You can learn about what to expect when you go to your laser hair removal appointment in this article.

During the laser hair removal process

When you go in for your treatment, a hand-held laser will be used. This instrument will target the follicles of your hair, causing them to become permanently damaged. This means less hair will grow back and the hair that does come back will be thinner and less noticeable.

When the laser is activated and pointed at your skin, you will feel what can be described as a mild discomfort. A cooling gel may also put on your skin and you may notice the feeling of coldness from this gel.

If you are only having a very small area done, such as your upper lip or your chin, then the process will be done in just a few minutes. If you are having a larger section done, such as your legs, then you should expect your appointment to take a while, possibly as long as a half an hour or longer.

What you can expect after the treatment is completed

After your laser hair removal treatment is done, you should expect to see a slight redness and a bit of possible swelling. This will generally disappear within a few hours. If you are still experiencing any discomfort, you can get relief by holding an ice pack to the affected area for a few minutes. Applying an aloe gel to the area can also help reduce the discomfort. You want to keep in mind that your skin will be a little sensitive after a laser hair removal treatment, and you should avoid going out into direct sunlight until your skin is completely healed.

You will notice your hair will take longer to grow back and there won't be as much of it. Laser hair removal isn't a one-time process. You will need to have a number of sessions to see the best results. Your doctor will tell you exactly when they want to see you back and how many times it may take for your situation. For more information, talk to a place in your area like Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss.