Correcting Trauma Caused By Childbirth: 3 Cosmetic Vaginoplasty Surgeries That Will Restore Your Vagina's Appearance

Your vagina isn't going to look the same your whole entire life. In fact, you can expect significant changes to your vagina's overall appearance after childbirth. Your labia can darken and elongate, and your vagina can become more stretched. Depending on the trauma of childbirth, vaginal tissues may also become scarred. Childbirth puts your vagina through a lot, and if you're no longer happy with how your vagina looks and feel self-conscious, there are several different types of cosmetic vaginoplasty surgeries that can help correct any cosmetic issues you have with your vagina. Here are 3 particularly popular surgeries.

Perineoplasty to Remove Scar Tissue

After giving birth, you can expect some scarring in your vaginal tissues. If wounds do not heal properly, they can also cause the skin to stretch; thus, distorting the overall appearance of the vagina. Perineoplasty is highly recommended for women who want to remove scar tissue for cosmetic reasons. During this procedure, the scarred tissues are reopened and excess skin is removed.

Laser Depigmentation for Color Correction

If childbirth has caused your labia to darken in color, it's not the end of the world. Using lasers, a cosmetic gynecologist can correct the color of your labia or other tissues surrounding the vagina. Lasers are used to remove pigmentation, discoloration and even cover the appearance of broken capillaries. This type of procedure will not affect the overall shape and size of the vagina. The lasers can also be used to correct any issues that you may have with the texture of the skin surrounding the vagina.

Labiaplasty to Remove Enlarged Labias

While labias come in all shapes and sizes, most women have a certain image in their mind as to how their labia should look. If childbirth has caused your labia to stretch significantly, your cosmetic gynecologist may recommend that you get labiaplasty, which is essentially a surgical procedure that will remove excess tissue from either or both the labia minora, or the inner lips, and the labia majora, or the outer lips. At times, labiaplasty may be recommended for practical reasons as well, as an enlarged labia can become rather uncomfortable and can stick out from your underwear and other types of clothing,


Don't let childbirth affect how you feel about your vagina. If you're no longer confident or happy with how your vagina looks, speak to a cosmetic gynecologist about the different types of operations and procedures that can correct the issues you have at hand. Contact a company like Rejuvenate Center for Medical Aesthetics to get started.