3 Tips For Treating Your Skin Well After A Facelift

How you see yourself is far more important than how anyone else will ever see you. Sometimes it may be worth it to go the extra mile for yourself if you aren't content with some aspect of your appearance. Many women find that facelifts help them ultimately feel better about themselves. Sometimes the aftercare from a facelift can seem a bit tricky as you strive to take the best care of your skin that you can. Here are three tips for treating your skin well after having facial plastic surgery.

Tip #1: Soft and Gentle are The Key Words When Cleaning Your Skin

After a facelift, it's important to be especially soft and gentle on your skin. Unless otherwise specified by your doctor for some reason, you need to wash your face twice per day in the aftermath of surgery, and this serves as more than just a beauty routine. It can help reduce your risk of infection and remove pesky bacteria. Your doctor is likely to recommend cleansing with a soft piece of cloth and an antibacterial cleanser.

Tip #2: Prioritize Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

It is important to protect your skin from the sun if you want to keep it beautiful and healthy. It is especially important after a facelift. If you have much exposure to the sun during the healing process, that can cause permanent darkening of the incision sites, so do what it takes to avoid that. Your doctor may even recommend that you pretty much stay out of the sun altogether as much as possible for the first few weeks after your surgery.

Tip #3: Make-Up Can Resume Only After Your Doctor's Approval

When you want to wear make-up again after facial plastic surgery, speak to your doctor. Depending on the type of surgery you had, it may not take long for the doctor to approve it. Basically, if your skin is fully intact without any open wounds presenting potential complications, the doctor is likely to give their approval. The epidermis may need to heal after some procedures, so it can take longer to get the go-ahead.

Finally, keep in mind that your body is the greatest gift that you will ever be given. Be sure to treat it with the greatest care. Give yourself time to heal and prioritize your skin care after facial plastic surgery. In doing so, you will be able nurture yourself both physically and emotionally, and that's a win-win for how you will look and feel in the days, months, and years after your surgery.