3 Tips For The Most Natural And Attractive Breast Augmentation

Whether you want to enhance your figure and appearance or need to restore your look after losing one or more due to, a breast augmentation can be beneficial. Even though it is the most common cosmetic procedure, most people do not truly understand the process and end results of receiving breast implants. In many cases, improper decisions can cause the implants to look and feel fake, making the surgery a bad investment. Thankfully, this guide offers a few essential tips to ensure your breasts look and feel natural and appealing.

1. Size Matters

Many women choose to "go big or go home" when it comes to selecting the size of their new implants. Considering there is a cost and recovery period associated with the surgery, it is easy to see why choosing the largest implant is the best option. However, choosing implants that are too big for your specific body frame will cause them to look very unnatural.

Your surgeon will take detailed measurements of your current bra size, breast weight, and the distance across your chest and between each breast. These measurements can help find a size suited to your body frame, so the result looks natural.

The volume of the implant is measured in cubic centimeters, or CCs. Determining what CC is best for you will have nothing to do with your current breast cup sizing. Therefore, many surgeons recommend trying a few different implants to find the right CC that works for your body frame and lifestyle.

2. Silicone May Be Best

The implant material also plays a role in how your new breast will look and feel.

Many people believe saline implants are safer because if they do rupture or leak, saline will not make you ill. Unfortunately, saline moves over time, causing wrinkling and dimpling that will be seen on the exterior breast tissue.

Silicone offers the most natural look and feel because it is soft and subtle. For the best look and feel that will stand the test of time, many experts recommend silicone implants.

3. Consider a Lift, Too

During a breast augmentation, your surgeon will place implants into the breast tissue. If your current breasts are sagging and wrinkled, your implants will sag, as well.

Due to this risk, lifting the breasts when you receive your implants is ideal. A breast lift tightens and tones the skin, lifting the tissue to create a more uniformed and youthful breast.

From the size and material of implants to a surgical lift, enhancing your breasts is possible. This guide will help you select the right implants and procedure for the most attractive breasts.