The Truths About Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a very popular forms of plastic surgery and it is done for many different reasons. Even though the procedure is as popular as it is, there are many people who think they know all about it, but who would actually be false in many of the things they think they know. Here are some things commonly thought about breast augmentation, and information to help you determine if the things you have been hearing about the procedure are true or false.

Implants are for women who want large breasts to show off

While it is true that there are many women who get implants with every intention of showing them off to just about anyone who will look, there are also a larger number of women who opt to get implants for many other reasons and who have no intention of showing them off or even bringing any extra attention to themselves. There are women with abnormally small breasts who just want to look normal and be able to fit properly into clothing, women who have had their breast removed due to cancer who just want to look how they used to, women who just want to get back some of their youth, and even women who just want to enlarge one breast in order to make them both appear to be the same size due to extreme differences in the size of their natural breasts.

Implants are obvious to spot

Well, some people do opt to have implants put in that will be obvious. These people are the ones who want others to know that they have had implants put in. They choose abnormally large sizes that don't tend to fit their frame and they do their best to show their implants off. However, if you want your implants to look normal, as most people do, then you can easily achieve this. You will work with your surgeon to choose a size and shape that complements your frame and that looks natural.

Fat transfer looks more natural and implants look fake

Many people assume that since the fat transfer procedure uses one's own fat that the end result will be more natural looking breasts. However, the opposite is often true since the surgeon can have a hard time obtaining enough fat to give someone the desired result. Also, the fat transfer option generally takes the person coming in for the procedure numerous times before they get close to achieving the results they were hoping for. When you opt for implants, you know what you are getting, and you only go through the process one time to achieve the results you want.