Make Your Breast Lift The Best Lift With These Preparation Tips

There are many reasons why a woman might seek a mastopexy or a breast lift. Perhaps she wants to address breasts that sag because of age, child rearing (commonly caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding), or size. No matter the reason, a breast lift can help boost your self-confidence and put an end to discomforts, such as chaffing that occurs under sagging breasts. If you have made the decision to get a breast lift, you can make it the best lift experience possible with the right preparation tips.

A Couple of Weeks Before the Procedure

Your preparations should start 2-3 weeks before the date of your surgery. First, talk to your friends and family members to see if you can find someone that can give you a ride home after your surgery. Anesthesia can dull your senses by slowing down your thought process and reflexes. If you have children or pets, arrange to have someone take care of them the day of surgery and perhaps even the next day so you can get adequate rest.

You should also consider making some lifestyle changes during this time. For instance, if you drink alcohol, you should avoid doing so for a couple of weeks leading up to your surgery. Drinking even one glass of alcohol a day can thin your blood, which can prevent proper clothing after surgery. Avoid taking ibuprofen and aspirin since they may also thin the blood. Instead, you will need to use acetaminophen.

A Week Before Lift the Procedure

As you approach the week before your surgery, you should focus on making life easy and comfortable upon returning home. Place objects within reach of your bed, recliner, or another area where you will spend most of your recovery time. For instance, keep books and puzzles within easy reach. If you have friends and family that can help, ask them to assist you in setting up a small TV so you can watch shows for added entertainment.

Purchase a loose-fitted shirt that either buttons or zips in the front so you can wear it the day of your surgery. For added comfort, you should also consider wearing a pair of sweats. By the end of your surgery, you're going to care more about how comfortable you feel rather than anything else.

Prepare freezer meals so you or anyone helping you can quickly throw food together. You are not going to feel like standing on your feet over a hot stove cooking after you have your breast lift. Therefore, it is better to put together ready-made meals and buy snacks that you can easily grab and munch on when you're hungry.

Talk to a professional surgeon near you to find out what other useful tips might help you prepare for your upcoming breast lift surgery.