Why You Need A Doctor For Your Cosmetic Injection Procedure

As time goes on, it becomes more difficult to ignore the visible signs of aging. You might notice wrinkles around your eyes and lips, sagging skin, and age spots. However, you might be hesitant to go under the knife. Fortunately, there are alternatives that are completely non-invasive, such as a cosmetic injection like Botox. However, while you may be able to perform a Botox injection yourself, there are several reasons why you should instead turn to a professional.

Facial Anatomy Can Be Confusing

A cosmetic surgeon understands facial anatomy. They understand the correct names of each muscle in the face and how each muscle functions. They know where the veins are placed that correspond with a particular muscle. This helps to ensure that the Botox injection achieves its goal. 

You Need Proper Training

Professionals have undergone training. They will know all of the correct Botox techniques. The surgeon will be able to walk you through each step of the procedure to help put you at ease.

Some Needles are Better Than Others

An expert knows which needles to use. It's important to use short and single-use needles. The right type of needle allows for the pain to be much more easily managed throughout the procedure. They also know how to numb the area before the injection to make sure that you have a better experience.

You Need the Right Dosage

There is not a single dosage that will work for all situations. As a result, the professional will know what size dosage should be used to achieve the optimum results. For example, men have larger muscles than women, so a larger dosage will be required to achieve the right results.

Your Doctor Can Prepare You

Make sure that you are transparent with your doctor. When they know all the supplements you are using, the allergies you have, any medical conditions, illnesses or diseases you have, whether or not you will have other medical procedures, and whether or not you are pregnant, this can be used to avoid any issues with your Botox injection. 

When you are considering using Botox, you might not know what it will do for you. There are some issues that can be solved with Botox and there are other issues that will require a different cosmetic procedure. For example, some wrinkles will require fillers rather than Botox to solve the problem. You will want to have a realistic understanding of what Botox can do so you won't have any disappointments.