Can You Remove The Loose Skin And Extra Fat Around Your C-Section Incision?

If you experienced one or more C-sections (abdominal incisions) in the past, you might have developed some residual fat and extra skin in your pelvic region that bothers you. The extra fat and skin may alter your appearance or make if difficult to wear specific types of clothing, such as bikinis and hipster jeans. You may also want to find a way to tighten your loose skin and remove the fat from around your incision. The information below can help you improve the skin around your C-section incision today.

What Should You Know About Your C-Section?

Many mothers experience postpartum fat after delivery. Some women lose their postpartum fat through exercise, while other mothers might eat fewer calories to regain their figures. However, women who deliver their children by C-section can develop a pouch of fat and loose skin in and around their incisions over time. The pouches of fat and loose skin are often referred to as C-section shelves and cesarean pouches.

Because of where they develop in the abdomen, some cesarean pouches can be difficult to get rid of with exercise and dieting. If scar tissue formed over your incision or it's been many years since your last C-section, it may be even more difficult to tighten and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and pelvis. 

Although it might seem like a permanent situation for you, you can improve the skin and area around your C-section incision. To do so, you may need to reach out to a cosmetic surgeon for help. 

Should You Give Tummy Tuck Surgery a Try?

Cosmetic surgery, such as tummy tuck, can help you tighten and smooth out the skin around your incision. In order for a doctor to determine the best way to perform your tummy tuck, they may need to know:

  • how long you had your cesarean pouches
  • how long did it take for your incisions to heal after each pregnancy
  • how long and deep are the scars over your incision

A doctor may also want to know about the type of C-section procedure you experienced during delivery. A physician may be able to place your tummy tuck incision in the same area, so this information can be very helpful to them.

Once a cosmetic physician learns more about your incision and surgery, they'll schedule you for treatment. 

Consider contacting a cosmetic doctor today to learn more about tummy tuck surgeries