How Do Botox Injections Improve The Appearance Of The Face?

For many people, the effects of aging on the skin is very upsetting. Even though a person may still feel young, their skin may reveal their actual age more than they like. There are various skincare products on the market that claim to erase the signs of aging, but these products do not work for everyone. However, many people have been very pleased with how their skin looks after having a Botox procedure. These are some ways that Botox injections improve the appearance of the face.

Reducing Wrinkles on the Forehead

The forehead is often one of the first places a person begins noticing the signs of aging. It is nearly impossible to avoid having wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead because these often develop after having many of the same facial expressions over and over for many years. Some lines in the forehead, such as a single vertical line between the eyebrows, can also be hereditary. Botox injections make lines and wrinkles on the forehead less visible by plumping up the skin and paralyzing the muscles that must move to make the lines develop.

Minimizing Lines or "Crows Feet" Around the Eyes

Another area where lines and wrinkles become more visible with age is around the eyes. This often occurs due to excessive squinting over time or allowing the eyes to be exposed to sunlight frequently. Botox injections work in the same way in this area by interacting with the nerve cells in the skin which prevents muscle movement. Wrinkles and lines do not become deeper, but instead, smooth out and make the skin appear younger around the eyes.

Decreasing Lines Around the Nose and Mouth

Aging also causes lines to develop and become noticeable around the nose and mouth. Wrinkles around the mouth are often called "frown lines", but they can develop from frequent laughing and talking, as well as frowning. Botox injections freeze the muscle movement around the nose and mouth so that lines and wrinkles are no longer as visible.

Botox injections have greatly improved the appearance of the facial skin for many people. The results are usually noticeable within only a few days after having the injections done. These results often last from several weeks to even several months. For those who wish to keep their younger look, getting Botox injections every few months is a great way to erase years off their appearance and help them look as young as they feel.