A Quick Look At Types Of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has long been a popular method of increasing the size of a patient's breasts depending on the exact look they are hoping to achieve. Breast augmentation comes in a variety of forms but is continually offered as a safe and effective way of augmenting one's body according to each circumstance. Here is a quick comparison of the difference between the main methods of breast augmentation, breast implants, and fat transfers, in both description and healing expectations. 

Implants are typically the first thing many people think of when they hear the term breast augmentation. Implants are the preferred choice for patients who seek to go up a considerable breast size and provide a full and even look. Implants consist mainly of saline or silicone to allow for a sturdy yet soft and natural feel. Implants offer a fantastic way for women to boost up their self confidence while also providing a beautiful aesthetic that is desired by them. With the advancement of technology also comes minimized scarring, something some patients may feel hesitant about regarding implants. Healing time for breast implants truly depends on the individual person; however, it is typically around six weeks that a full recovery can be made with many feeling greatly improved in as little as one week. 

A fat transfer is another method of breast augmentation and consists of transferring body fat from one area of the body to the breasts. This method is recommended for patients who do not wish to modify their breast size by a larger amount such as those seen in implants. This creates a more subtle look that many patients might find appealing as not to alter their appearance to a great extent. This method is also recommended for those who may have different sized breasts and simply wish to create a more even look to balance them out. While healing from this type of augmentation is similar to that of breast implants, the site from which fat is removed will also be tender and slightly sore for about a week. 

While the type of breast augmentation chosen really depends on what the individual desires, it is always a smart idea to fully research each option and discuss them with medical professionals beforehand. While patients who desire a more drastic change would most likely benefit from implants, those who want a subtler look or to simply even out their proportions may find a fat transfer more desirable. With a minimal recovery time for both procedures, the patient will be back on their feet in no time. Both options provide a personalized solution for the exact aesthetic desired and will be a fantastic opportunity to achieve the look that each person wants in a safe and effective procedure.