2 Services You Can Get Done At A Medical Spa

If you want to have some minor cosmetic procedures done, you don't have to see a plastic surgeon to get those procedures. You have the option to go to a medical spa to get the minor procedure done instead. 

Medical Spa

You might also hear a spa like this called an aesthetic treatment spa or center. The center has medical personnel on staff as well as aestheticians. The medical staff can do minor cosmetic procedures that don't involve surgical options. Anything that requires surgery will have to be done in a hospital setting for your safety. The hospital will have access to more equipment than the medical spa has. But if you want a touch-up, then a treatment center may be the right choice. So, what services can you get done at one of these centers?


One common treatment that you can find at a medical spa is Botox. This product is a weakened version of the botulinum toxin and is used to help get rid of fine lines and wrinkles in the face for a short time. The way that it happens is the toxin causes something called flaccid paralysis. That causes the nerves and muscles in your face to "freeze." That freezing effect means that the muscles that might otherwise cause fine lines and wrinkles don't move, and the lines and wrinkles that you do have to be smoothed out. You may also seek out Botox treatments if you suffer from chronic migraines because there is some evidence that these treatments can help with migraines. 

Laser Hair Removal

This procedure is one of the ways to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, wherever on your body that hair happens to be. It can take a few treatments to get rid of the hair, depending on its color and thickness. When you go in for your initial consultation, the person who will be doing the work will be able to give you a good idea as to how many treatments you will need to have. The laser gradually destroys the hair follicle, which means no way for any hair to grow back. 

If you want a little touch-up, sculpt, or just to look and feel better about yourself, you might want to consider visiting a medical spa or aesthetic treatment center. You will be able to get the treatments that you want with little inconvenience to you. For more information, contact a medical spa near you.