Three Plastic Surgeries To Consider For Your Ears

When most people think of plastic surgery, they likely think of procedures such as tummy tucks, breast enhancement, and nose reshaping. Each of these surgeries is highly common, but your local plastic surgery clinic can perform many other procedures that can change how you look and improve your self-esteem. If you're not happy with the look of your ears, there are a number of procedures that may interest you. It's worthwhile to find a clinic in your area and schedule a consultation so that you can discuss your ear problems and how you ideally want them to look. Here are three popular ear surgeries.

Size Reduction

One surgical procedure that you may wish to explore is a reduction in the size of your ears. If your ears are significantly larger than average, you might be unhappy about their appearance. While hats and certain hairstyles may partially conceal the size of your ears, you might not always want the hassle of covering this part of your body. An ear reduction surgery can be a worthwhile option to consider. Your surgeon will trim the outer parts of your ears to reduce their size to a desired level.


Pinning is another ear surgery that may interest you. This procedure involves taking ears that stick out far from the sides of the head and "pinning" them so that they sit closer to the head. If you look in the mirror and often are aware of your ears being wide, pinning can change your appearance for the better. Some people combine this procedure with a size reduction. For example, if your ears are very large and stick out a lot, pinning and reduction are two procedures to discuss with your surgeon.

Lobe Repair

Many people wear gauge-style earrings that are large when they're teenagers and young adults but then are left with ear lobes that have large holes in them as adults. If you no longer like this look and want your ears to look more conventional, lobe repair is a procedure to investigate. Your surgeon will be able to change the lobe of your ear to eliminate the large hole that you stretched with large earrings. The result can be a completely different appearance and one that boosts your self-esteem. If one or more of these procedures could benefit you, find a plastic surgery clinic in your area and set up an appointment to learn more. 

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