Your Tummy Tuck: Why It's Worth It

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a great solution to your body image and physical health needs. With the right cosmetic surgeon, a tummy tuck can do more than just improve your silhouette—it can improve your life. The average tummy tuck costsjust about $6,092, not including anesthesia and other fees. Learn why getting a tummy tuck is well worth the cost. You can gain more self esteem

How Does Telemedicine For STD Treatment Work?

Although sexually transmitted diseases are very common, many people don't seek treatment for them. They may be afraid of seeing a provider in-person for their condition out of a fear of being judged, or they may not have easy access to medical services in their area. Thankfully, STD treatment has been a growing field in telemedicine, with many telemedicine providers offering rapid, discreet treatment for common STDs. How does it work?

Why Should You See a Dermatologist In Person?

Dermatologists have access to topical ointment and medication that can have a drastic effect on your skin. If you suffer from problem skin or you'd simply like to elevate your skincare routine, switching to prescription treatment is a good way to achieve your skincare goals. Some people choose to obtain prescriptions using telemedicine dermatologist services; others even obtain prescription treatment illegally. These options might seem tempting, but it's always better to make an appointment with a reputable dermatologist.

3 Tips For Recovering From Your Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck surgery removes excess skin and fat and provides a lean, toned look. Tummy tuck surgery is especially appropriate for those who have gotten close to their goal weight through diet and exercise but find their stomach area stubbornly holding onto fat. A tummy tuck can lead to increased confidence and a renewed love for the way you look in new outfits and bathing suits. A tummy tuck is considered a major cosmetic procedure, however, so it's smart to know what to expect and how to have a smooth recovery.

Can You Remove The Loose Skin And Extra Fat Around Your C-Section Incision?

If you experienced one or more C-sections (abdominal incisions) in the past, you might have developed some residual fat and extra skin in your pelvic region that bothers you. The extra fat and skin may alter your appearance or make if difficult to wear specific types of clothing, such as bikinis and hipster jeans. You may also want to find a way to tighten your loose skin and remove the fat from around your incision.